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At Black Diamond Camp every student is guaranteed one-on-one time with our Muay Thai & MMA trainers. The number of students are limited to ensure that there is minimum of 1-3 trainer-to-student ratio. Our trainers deliver authentic Thai boxing training to the highest standard.

The morning session starts at 07.00 am and the afternoon session starts at 3.00 pm. Students are trained according to their individual fitness and skill levels. For instance, students preparing for a fight receives more conditioning drills and extra clinch practice.

Black Diamond Camp has a diverse team with different backgrounds and expertise including Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Yoga and Thai culture.

Black Diamond Camp offer a unique training camp, authentic Thai living in an unpolluted country side with plenty of fresh, clean air scent. Mountains frame the horizon, with cool weather throughout most of the rainy and winter seasons. In short; beautiful surroundings in line with Feng Shui principles.

Our Muay Thai and MMA trainers have all fought at a high level, some being former champions and some have trained current and future champions.

Our philosophy at Black Diamond Camp is to teach the highest level of Muay Thai & MMA techniques in a clean and sustainable environment.

Personal Touch
Black Diamond camp caters for all levels of Muay Thai & MMA students. Beginners looking to improve their fitness or just to add an extra dimension to their stay in Thailand. Advanced students or fighters looking to step into the ring. Irrespective of your own goals and reasons to train with us our dedicated team of trainers will help you to plan your time at Black Diamond Camp to ensure those goals can be reached.


Chris Forster

Chris Forster

(Black Diamond) Head Trainer

World Pro Champion 2009, European Champion 2008, Lumpini Champion 2005 & 2006, Nordic Champion 2006 & 2007…

Training Sessions

Morning Session
7: 00 Wake Up !!
7 .20 Warm up / Stretch
7.40 Jogging
8.00 Shadow Box & Drills
8.20 Pad Work
8.40 Bag Work
9.20 Sparring
9.30 Cool Down Stretch

10.00 Breakfast/Lunch Together
Resting Period!

Afternoon Session
3.00 Warm Up / Stretch
3.15 Jogging
3.30 Skipping
3.45 Pad Work
4.10 Bag Work
4.30 Sparring
4.50 Cool Down / Stretch
5.30 Shower
6.00 Dinner Together